Solve your RCM shortages, today!
Cut recruiting/staffing costs.
Secure your revenue cycle.


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Come together at RCMx — better outcomes for all!

Keeping accounts receivable strong often requires extra help with CDI, charts, coding and audit requirements. But recruitment is often costly and time consuming and you can’t scale back down after hiring new people.
What if you could connect with many RCM professionals as needed?


  • No recruitment fees: save thousands of dollars
  • No long-term commitment: hire as needed for one project or many
  • Select professional RCM resources from across the nation who match your criteria for expertise, longevity, or specialty
  • Reduce unanticipated DNFC swings: at a moment’s notice
  • Reach out to hundreds of GIG professionals, providing up-to-date expertise
  • Cover maternity and vacations, or clear away backlogs and spikes in volume