RCM Professionals

You know Providers today are struggling to keep up with with mid-revenue cycle requirements and billing. Now, there’s a way to help them—and help yourself!


Through your personal RCMx Portal, you define the scope and type of projects you’d like to know about. Then The Exchange sends you notices of perfect-match jobs being offered by Providers from across the nation. Some may involve a few hours of work … others may be days or larger. Projects are flexible and may be by the job, by the record or by the hour. Plus, you’re free to hand-pick projects matching your skills, specialties and availability.

When the work is finished, so is the commitment. Choose another job or take a break, the choice is always yours!


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Providers get GIG RCM resources.

You get extra money.

The RCM Exchange — better outcomes for all!


  • Turn extra hours into moonlighting income
  • Control when you work and the type of work you desire
  • Build your resume (and value) with every project
  • Enjoy faster payments through automated invoicing
  • Jump-start your independent career at the RCM Exchange